Twenty First Century Authors and Future Authors

July 21, 2010

Radio Interviews for Authors

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Greetings Twenty First Century Authors and Future Authors,

On Thursday, July 8th, I completed another radio interview.

I was the guest of Chief Visionary Natasha Davis-Bowen of Visionary People Arise (

After almost one year since my first radio interview with Phyllis Bennett of Joyful Praise on Station WWII – 720AM in Shiremanstown, Pennsylvania, I learned a few tips that I want to share with future authors who may have the opportunity to share their work with the world.

I call these lessons “The Be’s”.

–         Be prepared. Have notes of important topics and details that you want to discuss on hand during the interview.

–         Be informed. Listen to the interviewer interview someone else prior to your interview to understand the format of the program, purpose of the program,  and style of the interviewer

–         Be aware. Know your position. Are you to be interviewed alone, with someone else, or in a panel? Know the expectations that the interviewer has of you.

–         Be proactive. Prepare your interviewer. Send a biography, photo if requested, and suggested topics for discussion.

–         Be flexible. Remember, you are the guest in someone’s home. Ask what you should bring to the table. Make suggestions for topics for discussion, but be ready to discuss what the interviewer wants to discuss.

–         Be smooth. Know the art of the segue. Answer the question, but make sure that you present your points that are most important to you if the interviewer does not ask the question that you would like posed.

–         Be yourself, but not too perfect. The world does not like perfect people. You must be someone who people can relate to who has struggled in that area and has found a way to improve

–         Be your own advocate. Announce your interview within and outside of your network. More interview invitations may be offered as a result.

–         Be confident in yourself. Last year, my first radio interview was with a radio station in Pennsylvania. I questioned whether people would dislike my southern accent that comes out when I get too excited. That was nonsensical thinking. Obviously someone else found value in what I had to say and how I said it; otherwise, I would not have been invited.

–         Be relaxed. Have fun. If you make a mistake, keep it moving. The interviewer wants to make you look good. As a result, the interviewer will look good.

My next opportunity to put “The Be’s” into practice will be during a radio interview on…

Thursday, August 12, 2010

9:00 – 10:00 PM EDT

Parents Coaching Parents Network

Blog Talk Radio

Host:  Michael H. Scott

Call-In Number:  (646)  929 – 2416

Parents Coaching Parents (PCP) is a community based program designed to assist parents and student-athletes in their pursuit of an athletic scholarship.  PCP strives to partner with parents to ultimately prepare all student-athletes for succeeding while pursuing their athletic goals.

The Math Lady will discuss preparing for the Math portion of the SAT.

Dial in and share the experience.

Twenty First Century Authors and Future Authors, your next radio interview may be right around the corner

Be blessed!

“The Math Lady”

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